Thursday, 22 October 2009

Video Game Outline

The game is going to be a strategic life simulation video game, where you control what happens to two families each with four members in it,once you have completed enough tasks you will be able to create your own families from their looks to their clothes,hair and personality. The player is in charge of controlling the characters wants and needs.
The game will run on the WII which will bring the controlling of the characters and their world to life. The game is set in an small old western town in America. The town depends on the ranch for food and the shops and bar in the town for other everyday stuff.
For the ready made families their lives are already planned out but it is up to the player whether they stick to route or take their own. Once the needed tasks have been completed within the two families the player is free to create their own family and house,ranch and/or shop to create,customise and play.
The players can either work on the ranch or in the shops or bar to earn money to buy more stuff for the houses and characters, the children all go to the small town school house to get experience for jobs when they are adults.
There are unlockables throughout the game, not just the ability to create your own families and houses but you can also unlock objects to put in your homes and animals for your ranch.

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